Preparing to Meet Tomorrow’s Workplace Challenges

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Reinhart's labor and employment practice attorneys addressed the workplace challenges employers face in 2019, and how to prepare for them at the Labor & Employment Law Seminar: Preparing to Meet Tomorrow's Workplace Challenges. Keynote speaker David Dupee, co-founder of Good City Brewing LLC in Milwaukee, shared his unique perspectives on building a business and hiring in Milwaukee.


Risk & Reward: Seeking the Good through Purpose-Driven Business ~ David Dupee - Co-Founder of Good City Brewing LLC

Since opening on Milwaukee's East Side in June 2016, Good City Brewing has become one of Wisconsin's fastest growing breweries. In 2019, Good City will open a second location as an anchor tenant in the Milwaukee Bucks' Entertainment Block development, and will relocate its corporate offices to Century City Business Park in a building the company purchased on Milwaukee's Northwest side. Co-founder David Dupee will discuss creating a purpose-driven business by sharing how Good City's founding motto—'Seek the Good'—has guided the young brewery's approach to rapid growth and hiring practices, one that is fueled by a conviction that Milwaukee's downtown renaissance should benefit the entire city.

Marijuana and Workplace Safety: How Legalization Impacts Wisconsin? ~ Brittany Lopez Naleid, Troy Giles

  • Anticipating America's changing culture and its effect on the workplace
  • Drug testing following workplace incidents (when is drug testing permissible and how has it changed)
  • OSHA's role where marijuana is legal
  • OSHA Inspection Checklist

Mitigating Risk Associated with Workplace Violence ~ Rob Sholl, Laura Ferrari

  • An employer's legal duties with respect to employee safety
  • Risk factors associated with violence in the workplace
  • Measures an employer may implement to foster a safe work environment

Government Contracting Basics ~ Christopher Schuele, Phil Bail

  • Overview of federal and state procurement and protests of government contract awards
  • Compliance with OFCCP equal employment opportunity regulations

The Future of Employee Privacy ~ Michael Gentry

  • Tips for compliance with latest national and international data privacy and security laws
  • Keeping company data secure through contracts and litigation
  • Preventing employees from becoming threats to data security

Traditional Labor & Immigration Law: The Continuing Effects of the Trump Administration on Agency Actions ~ Rob Driscoll, Ben Kurten

  • The Social Security Administration's plan to begin issuing no-match letters to employers once again
  • Employee rights under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act
  • Recent and anticipated changes in NLRB case law

Key Updates for Employers in Disability Discrimination Prevention ~ Laura Ferrari, Ashley Hornung

  • Overview of employer obligations to disabled employees under both federal and Wisconsin law
  • Leaves of absence, schedule modifications and requests to work from home as reasonable accommodations
  • Avoiding discrimination claims with respect to employees with disabilities