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Our in-house Information Resources Center (IRC) offers clients access to sophisticated research and knowledge by identifying and retrieving necessary information on a variety of legal research topics. Staffed by experienced information specialists, Reinhart’s IRC can access the necessary information for the success of our clients’ business and legal proceedings. Our researchers offer true competitive intelligence by providing clients and attorneys with maximum research efficiency and effectiveness.

The IRC offers expert legal research and compliance support to attorneys. Our research staff assists clients quickly by producing research materials to attorneys that are exactly what they need and when they need it. Our dedicated IRC team plays an instrumental role in the success of our attorneys and client outcomes not only because they are able to conduct in-depth research but because they know what questions to ask to refine searches. Their unmatched research skills unburden attorneys and yields valuable research that attorneys leverage to help clients and businesses.

Our attorneys trust the IRC to manage their legal research assignments. Members have a varied range of expertise spanning the entire range of legal disciplines. We recognize the value of providing specialized research; therefore, the IRC Liaison Program enables members of the IRC staff to immerse themselves in particular practice groups where they function as fully integrated members. The specializations of each member of the IRC staff allows us to alert attorneys and clients to breaking legal issues or developments by monitoring industry trends and legal matters.

Additionally, the IRC staff keeps clients on top of issues that affect their businesses through access to legislative measures. We track bills introduced in both the federal and state legislatures, provide status and full text, and are able to connect clients with people within government agencies who have more information on key issues.

The IRC offers clients a competitive edge by researching and collecting intelligence on competitors’ sales figures, areas of expansion, patents filed and banks, attorneys or accountants used. We put clients in touch with thousands of associations that maintain information centers on virtually any topic imaginable from ability testing to zoology nomenclature. Our staff researches scientific information through access to hundreds of databases on a variety of subjects spanning medicine, chemistry, biosciences, energy, engineering and more.

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