Our skilled immigration attorneys serve as strategic business advisers to U.S.-based employers wishing to recruit, hire, retain or sever foreign workers, and to international clients entering the U.S. marketplace. Our counsel is rooted in careful attention to and appreciation for your goals, organizational culture and long-term operational objectives. A multi-disciplinary collaborative approach ensures we have the resources and efficiencies to tackle big issues on your behalf. We draw upon our many practice areas to leverage broad knowledge and experience, including, Labor and& Employment, Employee Benefits, Tax, Corporate Law and, when necessary, Litigation.

Public and private companies of all sizes turn to us for practical, straightforward advice. We not only assist clients with complex immigration laws and regulations, but we also add value to our counsel by fully understanding your business, financial and human resource needs, and labor challenges. We represent clients in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, health care, manufacturing, consumer goods, food and beverage, banking and finance, entertainment and sports, professional services, education, religion, aerospace, and information technology.

We have extensive experience securing immigration benefits for foreign workers at all levels of an organization, from top executives to interns, and in a multitude of areas of employment, including managers, professionals and technical staff.

Our attorneys keep employers educated about compliance issues and legal matters that can involve significant liability and complexity, such as Form I-9 compliance and worksite enforcement. Reinhart’s immigration attorneys are also able to provide strategic guidance to address immigration-related complexities encountered during corporate transactional matters, such as during business acquisitions or sales. Our comprehensive approach ensures your best interests are protected, that you are fully informed on legal matters executed on your behalf, and that all issues are handled by well-qualified, experienced lawyers.

Our team is actively involved in both state and national efforts to enact laws that enhance an organization's ability to hire and retain foreign workers to meet its human talent needs.

Our attorneys regularly counsel on the following immigration law matters:

  • Non-immigrant employment visa petitions including H-1B (professionals), O-1 (aliens of exceptional ability), H-2 (intermittent workers), H-3 (trainees), L-1A (managers and executives), L-1B (specialized knowledge), E-1 (treaty traders), E-2 (treaty investors), TN (USMCA workers), P-1 (entertainers and athletes), F-1 (students who obtain work authorization), R-1 (religious workers) and B-1 (business visitors)
  • Blanket L-1 authorization to transfer international employees more easily to the U.S. for large multinational companies
  • Permanent residency processing through the application for foreign labor certification (PERM) processes for immigrant visas in either the Employment-Based Second and Third Preferences (EB-2 and EB-3)
  • Permanent residency processing through the National Interest Waiver (NIW) process for immigrant visas in EB-2
  • Family-based (marriage, fiancé, parent-child, sibling) immigrant visa petitions
  • Adjustment of Status (I-485) applications to obtain permanent resident status
  • Consular Processing of immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas at U.S. consulates and embassies outside the United States
  • Post-permanent resident processes such as Reentry Permits, preservation of permanent resident status for naturalization purposes, and naturalization
  • Development of employment verification (I-9) system and E-Verify compliance programs
  • In-house audits of H-1B and I-9 programs, policy development for Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security investigations, and investigation defense
  • Development of effective anti-discrimination policies related to immigration

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