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More than 50 years ago, Reinhart launched its recruiting program at a time when most law school graduates found careers by knocking on doors. Only the most established and largest firms had the time and resources to travel across the country to campuses and recruit. But that didn’t stop Reinhart. Reinhart knew it had to offer something different, something more than tradition to set itself apart from the giants of the legal profession. So the firm, led by five young attorneys, sold promise.

Today the promise is realized and our entrepreneurial spirit remains. With Reinhart, you will find great opportunities and the chance to be instrumental in our growth and evolution. We attract lawyers who want to be part of a thriving, challenging legal practice, who want more than a job in a big firm. As we’ve grown, we’ve evolved – we’ve changed the firm’s name, opened new office locations and expanded into new practice areas. But, our core values remain the same.

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