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We represent clients of all shapes and sizes, from sophisticated, growing, midlevel companies to global organizations and some of the nation’s most respected companies, such as S.C. Johnson and Milwaukee Tool. The depth and diversity of our clients provide newer associates with unique opportunities for exposure and experience, and all of our attorneys with complex and interesting legal work.

Our business is founded on the close personal relationships we develop with entrepreneurs and decision-makers. We thrive in partnering with organizations that grow the way we have grown – starting with a small group of dedicated employees and expanding to multimillion-dollar entities. All clients, large and small, enjoy the same level of personal service. While we evolve along with our clients, our dedication to our role as trusted business advisers remains a core value. We remain as invested in your success as we are in that of our clients.

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Reinhart Culture

Reinhart’s Culture of Independence Coupled with Support

Reinhart promotes a balance of independence where attorneys can decide where their career goes with support and opportunities to learn throughout their career.  We help our attorneys soar by guiding and supporting them in developing superior legal skills in their areas of expertise, fostering new and continued client relationships, and offering opportunities for growth.  A Reinhart attorney team, whether constructed for high-stakes litigation or a complex business matter, offers opportunities to influence decisions and contribute to client counseling and case management.  We encourage associates to dream big and pursue their goals while learning from seasoned professionals.  Our management, technology, training and staff support systems are built to see our attorneys succeed in delivering the very best in client-centric service.

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Reinhart’s Culture of Collaboration and Communication

Communication is the key to a strong team, and it requires an intentional commitment.  Regular associate town hall meetings provide an open forum for associates to ask questions and discuss issues and opportunities.  Our Associates Committee, which includes shareholders and associates from multiple practice areas, provides a path for associates to ask questions and convey concerns.  The Committee also provides firm management with a clear and consistent understanding of the needs and wants of the associates. 

Engaging events such as firm-wide lunches to celebrate community or cultural events and special gatherings to recognize key accomplishments provide opportunities for connection and celebration.  Associates and shareholders work side-by-side daily and form natural mentoring relationships that strengthen the firm and foster career development.  We’re focused on teamwork, not hierarchy, and everyone is invited to contribute.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Reinhart is a leader in ensuring strong enforcement of equal opportunity employment.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Reinhart understands and values diversity, equity and inclusion, and is fully invested in promoting and maintaining an environment that attracts and sustains diversity.  We do not tolerate discrimination and make decisions and offer opportunities regardless of gender, gender identity, race, color, ethnicity, age, national origin, creed, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or other protected basis among our attorneys and professional staff.

Likewise, our vendors best serve us when they represent a diverse supplier network for goods and services—this is why we support doing business with minority-, women-, LGBTQ+-, veteran- and service-disabled-veteran-owned businesses.  We are committed to several related objectives, including building strong relationships through our partnerships with diverse groups in the community, law schools, and bar associations. Through our work, we seek to advance and promote an organizational culture that embraces and sustains diversity, equity and inclusion.

We believe that the best thinking comes from diverse perspectives, orientations and backgrounds, and we fully embrace a philosophy of inclusion that allows us to consistently provide our clients with innovative legal solutions to their business needs. Our clients benefit from solutions that are reflective of diverse experiences and perspectives, and we feel that the workplace is stronger, and most effective, when it closely aligns with the makeup of the communities we serve.

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