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Reinhart's Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Senior Independent Housing Services team maintains the longest tenure of any law firm in the state representing senior housing and long term care providers. As a result, our size and broad network of connections enable us to serve as a valuable resource to a wide range of provider types, including post-acute care, skilled nursing, home health, assisted living and senior housing.

Leveraging the perspective gained from our comprehensive Health Care Practice – which spans nearly the entire continuum of care, from Hospitals and Health Systems to Hospice and Palliative Care – our attorneys appreciate where long term and post-acute care fit into the spectrum of patient wellness. That passion and approach to health law make our attorneys uniquely suited to counsel long term care clients.

As a result of our experience advising post-acute care and long term care services clients for decades, our attorneys have developed close relationships with regulators and legislators in Wisconsin. That access proves invaluable for our clients, as our counsel is informed by knowledge of significant legislative developments, new regulatory approaches and potential changes in the regulatory system. In addition to our connections at the regulatory and legislative level, we serve as legal counsel to numerous top associations for long term care and senior housing in Wisconsin, including LeadingAge and the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA). For years, these associations have trusted Reinhart to offer strategic advice in the best interest of their members. Our attorneys frequently present on health care law issues and offer resources to guide providers and facilities through complex situations. We understand the difficult situations that many post-acute care and long term care services organizations can find themselves in as reimbursement rates decline and regulatory compliance becomes more burdensome. In every manner possible, our attorneys are committed to offering cost-effective resources and finding significant efficiencies in our work by leveraging our collective experience in the industry. Our experience serving a variety of long term care facilities is broad. We frequently counsel continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), skilled nursing facilities, community-based residential facilities (CBRFs), residential care apartment complexes (RCACs), adult family homes and senior housing providers on the following matters:

  • Serving as counsel to the strategic planning committees of Boards of Directors
  • Serving as corporate counsel in health care facility sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • Providing advice regarding state licensing regulations, including survey and certification matters
  • Drafting facility admission contracts
  • Preparing applications for real estate tax exemption
  • Providing counsel regarding financing alternatives and bond financing
  • Assisting with HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements
  • Analyzing reimbursement issues
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance issues including the development of compliance plans
  • Coordinating with developers and other parties involved in retirement housing
  • Facilitating site acquisition, zoning and licensure requirements

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