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Reinhart's Software, Technology and Licensing attorneys guide clients through the complexities of copyright licensing, source code protection, open source software products, data privacy and cybersecurity issues and e-discovery issues. We help technology companies in need of venture financing, health care organizations with software and technology purchases, and software and technology companies with managing and resolving disputes and litigation. Our attorneys counsel clients with software and technology export rules, tax issues (both international and domestic) and consulting arrangements.

Our clients range from established businesses with long operating histories to start ups. We counsel companies at every stage of their lifecycle, whether a client is buying a business to further their growth strategy, or is selling their technology business or division as an exit strategy. At every point along the way, we equip our clients with the knowledge they need to make important decisions about the technology that is needed to grow and develop their business, or to structure and negotiate a deal.

Reinhart's Software, Technology and Licensing attorneys approach our counsel with an informed perspective of our clients' business. We view technology not only as an important business investment, but as an essential key to the growth and success of our clients' business in today's modern economy. We are skilled negotiators that efficiently review contracts and identify the most important issues our clients need to know and care about. Our skillset extends beyond reading contracts, however; we help clients with strategy, get deals done and serve as our clients' advocates, protecting their interests and solving problems that may arise down the line.

Our attorneys have a deep background in software and technology-based legal matters, and have represented both vendors and purchasers of software and technology. We know and understand the myriad of issues that may arise in testing, purchasing and using software and other technology, and we use this experience to mitigate the risks associated with such issues. Several of our attorneys have either programming experience, technology consulting experience and/or have owned a software company.

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