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Employee benefits can be particularly complex for nonprofit employers, and Reinhart attorneys have the depth of knowledge and experience to understand the unique issues that affect this sector. In addition to the benefits that all employers may provide, we regularly counsel on employee benefit plans that are available only to nonprofit employers, and we stay current on the special rules, exceptions and restrictions that apply only to nonprofit employers.

Reinhart's Employee Benefits attorneys focusing on Nonprofit Organization Plans are familiar with the range of different plan types that are available and the rules that apply depending on the type of nonprofit employer. For example, we have experience determining which employers may offer retirement plans and health plans (and the administration of such plans) maintained by a church or a church-related organization.

We also regularly advise on matters related to deferred compensation plans and arrangements, benefits which are typically provided for top-level employees in an organization. Our attorneys are well-versed in the separate requirements for nonprofit employers, and counsel on the specific rules for deferred compensation that apply to such employers. As a result, our informed legal counsel helps our clients avoid severe tax consequences for noncompliance.

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