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Reinhart's Intellectual Property attorneys make it a point to learn our clients' business, a distinguishing factor that elevates our level of service when conducting intellectual property audits. This analysis determines what intellectual property rights a client has, what more a client can do to protect their rights and how the client can best leverage their intellectual property rights to improve their business.

We regularly meet with clients, usually at their facility, to review and evaluate their business with a specific focus on intellectual property issues. All forms of intellectual property rights that may add value to the business can be considered, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

An audit typically begins with a review of a client's current intellectual property portfolio. Reinhart attorneys will then advise on how the current rights of the business can be best maintained. We also explore how the best value can be extracted from an existing intellectual property portfolio. We will analyze which products or services are covered by the current portfolio, which competitor's products or services are possibly infringing, potential licensees and the next steps to take.

Reinhart's Intellectual Property attorneys also examine a client's current products, services and plans for the future with an eye toward expanding their existing intellectual property portfolio in the most effective manner. We help clients determine how best to protect their intellectual property from a business point of view. The objective of the business analysis portion of an intellectual property audit is to provide clients with a strategy or plan for building the intellectual property portfolio of the business into the future.

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