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Reinhart attorneys realize the value that staying informed of important legislation and key government decisions brings to our clients. Whether by understanding the nuances of proposed legislation, or having insight into up-and-coming changes to the law, our attorneys have a deep perspective that is informed by their long-standing, collaborative relationships with elected and appointed officials. This knowledge bridges multiple practice areas throughout the firm, allowing us to offer enlightened counsel to a wide range of clients in various industries.

When businesses or not-for-profit organizations are considering expanding their network of local, state or even federal officials, Reinhart attorneys can help bridge connections and offer strategic insights. Our team is uniquely positioned to help clients effectively manage their government relationships, either through procurement opportunities or building strategic partnerships among companies.

Reinhart represents both ends of the political spectrum and we are active politically at all levels of government. We often hold leadership positions in campaigns for candidates on both sides of the aisle. Our attorneys have key contacts within legislative leadership and government agencies in Washington, D.C.; Madison; Milwaukee; Waukesha and municipalities throughout Wisconsin. We regularly advocate on behalf of our clients with respect to laws and regulations at the legislative and executive levels.

We also counsel businesses on the legal requirements related to public bidding procedures and contract compliance. We are strong advocates for our clients in national, state and local contracting opportunities. For new companies and those just entering the public contract market, we help identify entrance strategies and compliance requirements, and we develop training in effective contract negotiation and administration activities to improve success in their respective market.

Often the success of clients just entering the public contract market can be enhanced through strategic corporate partnerships. In such cases, we identify the appropriate type of partnership, such as mentor-protégé, joint venture or strategic alliance. We help clients identify and secure available federal, state and local governmental assistance for these initiatives.

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