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With the increasing value in and complexity of our clients’ estates and financial holdings, which oftentimes includes one or more operating businesses, an increasing number of wealthy families are creating or utilizing the services of family offices. With the growing number of options available to such clients, Reinhart attorneys work with our clients to assess their needs, the options available, and then work with our clients to select or custom-design the best solution.

We listen to our clients, to gain a complete understanding of their goals and desires. This understanding of how our clients’ business and financial goals intersect with their family’s personal planning needs allows us to help guide them through their most important transactions, and to maintain a long-term course for future generations.

We undertake strategic counseling and planning roles as needed to assist the client, particularly when the client does not have a family office, serving in many of the capacities that they might look to a family office to provide, including helping to select and coordinate complimentary services for the family.

We assist families in designing and creating their family office, tailored to the unique needs of the family, its goals and unique assets. We also serve families who have a family office, when the family office itself needs specialized skills or guidance, whether long-range planning, crisis management, or a transaction involving family wealth.

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