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Reinhart's Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Approvals attorneys work in tandem with members of our Real Estate Practice to help companies respond quickly and appropriately to issues that may arise in the development of a property. We treat every environmental case with the level of seriousness that it deserves, and at the same time we recognize that not every issue has to delay or prevent a deal from getting done or a project advancing. Our clients value the way our counsel helps them navigate obstacles, equips them to make decisions and neutralizes the threat that environmental claims can have on meeting their objectives.

We accomplish this by maintaining key relationships with regulators, legislators, environmental experts and technical consultants in the industry. We value the collaborative nature of these business relationships and have earned a reputation as knowledgeable and easy to work with.

When our clients find they have an environmental issue at a property, we balance business and environmental concerns in a cost-effective manner to quickly mobilize and reach a solution. Leveraging our decades of experience in the environmental industry and our depth of connections with those on the regulatory and technical sides, we skillfully arrive at solutions that overwhelmingly reduce potential downsides to your organization.

Our services extend throughout the full lifecycle of a project, maintaining a proactive preparedness from beginning to end. At the start of a project, we analyze our client's operation to determine the need for environmental permits and, when necessary, assist in the preparation of the appropriate applications. We also negotiate the terms of the permits and seek exemptions and permit modifications when appropriate. We assist clients in completing the various periodic environmental reports required by government agencies.

Reinhart's Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Approvals team also provides specialized representation in connection with the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate with environmental implications, often working in conjunction with our Corporate Law Practice and Mergers and Acquisitions attorneys. Frequently, we perform due diligence and prepare acquisition agreements and contracts for the purchase and sale of assets, as well as specialized contracts with environmental and engineering consultants, designers and pollution-control equipment suppliers. We also are called upon to prepare specialized loan documents to protect lenders against environmental risks.

Lastly, our Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Approvals Practice provides up-to-date information and assistance on employee, state and federal environmental compliance and obligations, and we help clients respond to governmental agency inquiries regarding environmental matters.

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  • Representing buyers/sellers in merger/acquisition environmental due diligence
  • Representing developers in obtaining brownfields financing
  • Superfund/CERCLA representation, including the Fox River, Wisconsin PCB litigation
  • Defense of environmental forfeiture cases, including Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Stormwater and Asbestos
  • Brownfield redevelopment and grant assistance
  • Wetland issues
  • Environmental compliance and due diligence
  • Environmental remediation