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Reinhart’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Team assembles attorneys and professionals throughout the firm who deeply understand the technology that drives AI and automated systems. As more companies across all industries start integrating AI into their everyday business, they will need help navigating the technical nuances and regulations required to effectively incorporate, use, and protect this technology.

As AI pervades every facet of modern business operations and outpaces conventional legal strategies and responses, we have built a cross-disciplinary team of AI-focused attorneys from across many of our core practice areas, including Intellectual Property, Litigation, Labor and Employment, Corporate Law, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, Health Care, and Banking and Finance, allowing us to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to getting the most out of AI while helping them avoid its many potential risks and pitfalls.

We regularly help our clients:

  • Comply with the rapidly expanding web of global AI regulations;
  • License and contract for AI-enabled products, services, and systems;
  • Develop and secure patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret strategies and protection for AI assets;
  • Use and manage big data and preserve cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Navigate privacy laws and emerging claims of rights of publicity;
  • Improve product design to reduce products-liability risk;
  • Participate in evolving commercial spaces, both real and virtual, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial IoT, and the metaverse;
  • Maintain compliant hiring and employment programs that integrate AI; and
  • Foresee ethical issues and concerns about fairness, equity and transparency in AI.

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