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The convergence of new and existing media has created an increasingly complex landscape of trademark law, false advertising claims and brand management for companies to navigate. The nature of the internet virtually guarantees that an organization’s advertising and media intellectual property is at risk and will be compromised. As the sole law firm in Wisconsin dedicated to providing counsel on these issues, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren’s premier Advertising, Media and Entertainment Practice delivers efficient solutions to these complex, nuanced matters.

Led by Daniel E. Kattman, a seasoned attorney with nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, our Advertising, Media and Entertainment Practice provides counsel that companies need to thrive in today’s multimedia marketplace. Our unique depth and breadth of knowledge transcends the law, allowing us to tailor business solutions that are focused on the intersection of technology, the internet, software, media and advertising law.

Bringing years of real-world industry experience to bear for our clients, our Advertising, Media and Entertainment attorneys are well-versed in intellectual property law, contract development and negotiation, general entertainment law, chain-of-title and rights clearances, tax and union corporate structure and financing. We counsel agencies and businesses with advertising legal issues, including:

  • Claim substantiations and false advertising
  • General advertising and trademark law
  • Internet marketing, e-advertising and e-commerce laws
  • Brand management legal services

Our experience spans the film, television, theatre, radio, music, publishing, gaming and visual arts industries. Our attorneys frequently represent key players and influential companies, including:

  • Film distributors
  • International sales agents
  • Producers
  • Talent writers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Software developers, vendors and purchasers
  • Record labels
  • Music publishers and artists
  • Actors
  • New York Times best-selling authors
  • World-class art museums
  • Video game developers

We understand that clients in the advertising, media and entertainment industries operate in dynamic, rapidly changing, heavily regulated environments. As a result, we stay at the forefront of changing technologies, offering unique perspective and insight for our clients. This allows us to mitigate intellectual property and brand management risks while still allowing for a rapid, effective response when the situation warrants it.

We also have a wide range of experience working with individuals and organizations engaged in film, television, advertising, documentary, corporate video, video gaming and still photography production specifically in the state of Wisconsin.

Understanding that advertising, media and entertainment issues all exist in a global environment, our attorneys are particularly well-equipped to leverage our local experience for clients across the U.S. and worldwide. Reflective of our Midwestern values, we’re also committed to delivering those services in a cost-effective manner.

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