U.S. Intellectual Property Issues for Foreign Businesses

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Reinhart's hosted a webinar series U.S. Legal Issues for Foreign Businesses in the United States. This series of webinars – PowerPoint and recording – are designed to introduce foreign businesses and their legal counsel to the legal issues that are most likely to be important to their U.S. operations. Our attorneys, who span a wide range of legal disciplines, provided a practical approach to these legal issues to help foreign businesses succeed in the United States. The series is hosted by Robert Misey, Chair of Reinhart's International Practice.

The fifth topic in our series is U.S. Intellectual Property Issues for Foreign Businesses, presented by Jeremy R. Bridge. Jeremy will provide an overview on U.S. patent law including patentability for U.S. patents as well as comment on the differences between U.S. and foreign law.

Audiences Who May Be Interested:

  • Attorneys who advise clients that have U.S. operations
  • Foreign businesses with U.S. operations

About Our Speakers:

Jeremy R. Bridge is a shareholder and registered patent attorney in the firm's Intellectual Property Practice.
Robert J. Misey, Jr. chairs the International Practice and is a shareholder in the firm's Tax and Business Law Practices.


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