Amanda Cefalu Honored by Minnesota Lawyer with "Attorneys of the Year" Award

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MINNEAPOLIS – Reinhart Shareholder Amanda Cefalu has been recognized by Minnesota Lawyer as one of its "Attorneys of the Year" for her pro bono work with the ACLU of Minnesota. This prestigious award honors attorneys who have made significant contributions to the legal profession and public interest.

Amanda is a shareholder in Reinhart’s Employee Benefits and Litigation practices, where she handles ERISA litigation and counseling, Taft-Hartley issues, employment law and commercial litigation. She represents and counsels both employers and clients in discrimination claims, retaliation, sexual harassment, FMLA, wrongful discharge and non-compete claims, among others.

She was a part of the legal team that successfully represented Myriam Parada in Parada v. Anoka County, a landmark case that set a precedent against national-origin discrimination. Ms. Parada, a U.S. resident born in Mexico, was detained by Anoka County officials based solely on her national origin and handed over to immigration authorities despite having committed no crime.

"I am deeply honored to receive this recognition, but the true credit belongs to the entire team who fought tirelessly for Myriam Parada and countless others in her situation," said Amanda. "This case reminds us of the constant vigilance required to protect our fundamental rights and the importance of pro bono work in ensuring equal access to justice for all."

The court's ruling in Parada v. Anoka County declared the county's policy of contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for all foreign-born individuals unconstitutional and a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. This ruling sets a notable precedent for protecting the rights of immigrants and upholding equal protection under the law.

Reinhart commends Amanda and her fellow attorneys for their dedication to pro bono work and their unwavering commitment to upholding civil liberties. Their outstanding work exemplifies the firm's core values of service, integrity, and excellence.


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