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Directions to Reinhart’s Madison Office

Reinhart’s Madison office is located at 22 East Mifflin Street, Suite 700.

Come into Madison on HWY 30 to E Washington to the Capitol Square.

One block before the square you will be turning right onto N. Webster (Landmark: The AC Marriott will be on your right side at the lights).

Turn right onto N. Webster and take it down the hill to the second set of traffic lights (You will want to be in the left lane before you get to the bottom of the hill).

At the bottom of the hill will be the intersection of N. Webster, N. Hamilton, and W Dayton. Webster will turn into Dayton (Landmarks: A parking structure on your right and the back of the Children’s Museum on your left).

Follow Webster to the left as it becomes Dayton (Dayton is a one-way street).


The parking structure is right after the Children’s Museum on your left side.

You can access the parking structure one of two ways.

Turn left onto N Pinckney and enter the structure to your right (N Pinckney is a one-way street)


Go starting on Dayton and enter the structure from your left.

Take you parking ticket and find a spot.