Trademark Portfolio Management and Prosecution

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Reinhart’s Trademark Portfolio Management and Prosecution team is experienced in registering and securing trademark rights for clients covering a wide range of industries. Reinhart has registered more than 3,600 trademarks across the globe and manages the entire trademark portfolios for several multinational corporations. Our Intellectual Property attorneys manage these portfolios in a cost-effective and efficient manner, including providing audits, training and transaction assistance to our clients.

We proactively work on our clients’ behalf to enforce trademarks and prevent infringement. Our skilled litigators prosecute such infringements and understand the importance of protecting our clients’ intellectual property. We are experienced in global laws and regulations that govern these matters, which allows our clients to operate globally without the risk of intellectual property infringement.


Reinhart Shareholder Gordon M. Wright participated in Leadership Rockford’s 63rd class to build stronger business, government, and civic ties to the community.

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