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Reinhart's White Collar Litigation and Corporate Compliance group is a multidisciplinary team of attorneys that counsels clients on responding to government enforcement actions and investigations. Our team also works to proactively prevent these issues by developing robust, custom-tailored compliance programs. Reinhart attorneys have experience representing clients in nearly every type of regulatory enforcement action, both criminal and civil, and in defending against related civil lawsuits.

Utilizing an efficient, multidisciplinary approach, we advise our clients on implementing and strengthening corporate compliance programs to help prevent potential problems before they occur. Eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach, we develop programs narrowly suited to each client's unique business and needs. We advise clients on drafting, implementing and monitoring compliance plans, as well as conducting compliance audits.

Internal Investigations

Our attorneys are experienced in conducting internal investigations for corporate boards, audit committees, special committees and management of companies both when issues arise that implicate potential non-compliance with government laws and regulations or when a company or investor has been a potential victim of fraud or other wrong-doing. We focus on conducting these investigations quickly and efficiently, safeguarding the relevant privileges and advising clients about whether and how to cooperate with the government.


We represent companies, investors and individuals in all aspects of complex civil, criminal and administrative matters at the federal, state and local levels. Our team has tried hundreds of criminal and civil fraud cases in courts around the country. Our substantial trial and investigative experience also provides real value in negotiations. Leveraging our multidisciplinary approach, our White Collar Litigation and Corporate Compliance attorneys have frequently partnered with other practices in the firm and convinced many state and federal prosecutors that enforcement action was not necessary, or in some cases have obtained a negotiated outcome on more favorable terms than originally proposed by the government.

Reinhart's White Collar Litigation and Corporate Compliance attorneys have a wide range of experience providing counsel in matters relevant to specific industries and practices.

We represent corporations and individuals in a wide range of antitrust investigations and litigation, including price-fixing, bid rigging and cartel allegations.


We have extensive experience in both administrative and court proceedings at the state and federal levels. We negotiate with governmental authorities to secure innovative and precedent-setting solutions to our clients’ environmental problems, and defend clients against both civil lawsuits and criminal charges alleging environmental violations.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act / Office of Foreign Assets Control

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) presents many challenges for businesses, particularly for those new to operating outside of the U.S. Our White Collar Litigation and Corporate Compliance group advises clients on establishing FCPA compliance programs, and also conducts internal investigations and defends enforcement proceedings when problems arise.

Similarly, the trade restrictions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) require consideration before exporting any product or service from the U.S. Among other things, OFAC sanctions prohibit exports to embargoed countries and restricted parties. We regularly advise clients on complying with OFAC and other international trade compliance requirements.

Government Contracting/False Claims Act

Reinhart attorneys assist clients on complying with government contract bidding procedures, contract administration and interpretation under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We have significant experience representing defense contractors and other government contractors in responding to government audit inquiries, procurement fraud and false claims act investigations, as well as suspension and debarment proceedings. We also litigate civil false claims act cases brought either directly by the government or on behalf of the government by qui tam whistleblowers.

Health Care

Our team assists various companies in the health care industry with their compliance programs, with particular experience serving health care clients among hospitals and health systems; post-acute care and long-term service facilities; physician groups; and hospice and palliative care facilities. We also defend false claims act litigation and prosecute Medicare appeals contesting recoupment or denial of claims. We have extensive experience conducting internal investigations or responding to government investigations of false claims, Stark Law and regulations, as well as other criminal and civil liability arising from allegations of Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

Workplace Safety

Our attorneys frequently defend clients against federal and state criminal charges and civil enforcement actions arising from catastrophic work place accidents. We are adept at managing and working through the complex issues raised during parallel investigations conducted by various federal and state agencies and the private civil actions that often result from industrial accidents.

Securities and Financial Services

Reinhart's White Collar Litigation and Corporate Compliance group counsels public companies and financial institutions on securities and regulatory compliance. This includes Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank compliance, corporate governance requirements, banking regulations and other securities regulations. We help clients implement proactive strategies to identify and correct weaknesses and deficiencies in corporate governance and securities compliance.

We frequently represent companies, boards and board committees, officers, directors, investment advisers, broker-dealers, attorneys, accountants, fund managers, and others in a wide array of litigation and investigations related to alleged financial fraud, including securities fraud and other financial statement fraud, bank fraud, and insurance fraud. Our attorneys understand the complex accounting, finance, actuarial and insurance concepts required to effectively defend these actions. We also represent companies, individuals and institutional investors that have been victimized by fraud in recovering their losses.


Our attorneys have successfully navigated the full range of complex criminal and civil matters related to tax fraud and noncompliance. We regularly appear before the IRS and Treasury Department to seek published guidance and rulings on behalf of clients. Additionally, we handle a broad range of administrative tax disputes before the IRS and state tax authorities in the examination, investigation and appellate stages. We also litigate criminal and civil tax cases in federal and state venues at both the trial and appellate levels.

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