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Reinhart offers comprehensive trial presentation and jury consulting services, giving trial lawyers and their clients insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their case in the privacy of a confidential, mock courtroom setting. Reinhart's experienced Litigation attorneys work with parties in various stages of litigation to gain invaluable insight and feedback from mock jurors and/or retired judges, one of many tools we offer to suit a variety of litigation preparation needs.

A mock trial is a confidential learning tool that allows attorneys to see cases through the jurors' eyes. During mock trials, attorneys present both sides of the case and watch the mock jurors deliberate in real time in the jury room. Attorneys are often surprised by what they see and hear, and frequently gain insight on the best way to present the case to the real jury.

We also recognize the importance of vetting arguments before an objective third party, and provide parties the opportunity to fine tune their arguments and presentations before a mock judge. Some of the most prominent judges and other professionals in the state have acted as mock judges for us, dispensing insights that are prepared, candid and constructive.

When both sides agree that a dispute is best resolved behind closed doors, our mock courtroom setting provides for a confidential private trial, where the parties conduct a full trial without jeopardizing confidential business information.

We also work with parties to present their positions to representative jurors at the outset of the case, before discovery has concluded. This allows parties to use the feedback to shape and frame the issues and conduct discovery accordingly.

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