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Reinhart Health Care attorneys represent physician groups, individual physicians and many other health care professionals – including dentists, psychologists, nurses and others – in a broad variety of business and regulatory matters, including:

  • Structuring joint venture arrangements
  • Developing new business ventures
  • Structuring and negotiating affiliations with health systems
  • Drafting complex contract and lease agreements
  • Analyzing fraud and abuse, Stark Law and antitrust issues
  • Facilitating group and ancillary venture organization and development
  • Advising health care professionals regarding licensure issues
  • Structuring and negotiating professional and payer contracts
  • Advising service corporations on corporate governance issues

Our physician group and health care professional clients benefit from an integrated approach, wherein Reinhart attorneys become true strategic partners in projects and business decisions. By serving as an extension of our clients' business operations, we are able to quickly learn the objectives of the practices, as well as any organizational issues, such as hospital relationships, that would affect new ventures, contracts or agreements.

We also strive to identify new opportunities for practice and revenue growth. As partners in their businesses, we understand that physician groups and physicians must expand their horizons in response to changing industry realities such as pressures on fees and time.

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