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From individual inventors, universities, research institutions, mid-market manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies, Reinhart's Intellectual Property Practice guides clients through all steps of the patenting process. From preparation of the patent application to the prosecution of the application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office to conducting appeals when necessary, to docketing and maintaining issued patents, we provide comprehensive counsel along the entire continuum of patent preparation and prosecution.

Our patent application strategy focuses on building quality into each patent application. By carefully crafting each patent application, rather than merely drafting applications that meet a minimum standard, Reinhart attorneys help produce patent applications that are well-written, complete illustrations of an invention which possesses superior commercial attributes. While such meticulous care may not be commonplace, Reinhart's patent attorneys take pride in each patent application we craft, and we believe that such a quality-conscious approach produces better, more defensible patents.

Reinhart's Intellectual Property Practice includes attorneys with a broad range of technical experience in diverse areas including metallurgy, mechanical and electrical technologies, chemical technologies, business methods, software and Internet-related technologies and e-commerce, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and drug delivery technology, agricultural arts, sporting equipment, nanotechnology, polymers and food engineering and processing. Our patent attorneys all have technical degrees and are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Reinhart's patent prosecution team has extensive experience working with foreign counsel to direct prosecution and successfully secure patents in foreign countries throughout the world. We understand that different laws govern patent prosecution outside the U.S., and we regularly analyze and provide alternative strategies for responding that take those subtleties into consideration.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys assist clients in determining the best possible foreign patenting strategy, whether through direct national filing in key markets or manufacturing jurisdictions; regional filing such as before the European Patent Office; or pursuing an international patent strategy through the Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT) system. We frequently collaborate with attorneys in other countries and work with them to provide thorough counsel.

In all matters regarding patent prosecution, we focus not only on understanding our client's technologies but also on understanding our client's business objectives including their products and commercial markets, as well as the role of intellectual property in their organization. Reinhart's unique patent prosecution philosophy equips our attorneys with the ability to better anticipate potential opportunities in the technology, to obtain the broadest possible practical patent coverage and to anticipate potential business pitfalls.

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