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Reinhart's OSHA Compliance and Litigation attorneys understand the serious challenges that an OSHA citation, fatality or accident presents to an organization. As a result, we provide counsel along the entire continuum of OSHA matters – from compliance and prevention, to inspections, investigations, citations, litigation and settlements. At every step along the way, we work to enhance the safety of our clients' facilities, mitigate the risks to their businesses, reduce disruption to their operations, and quickly arrive at effective solutions.

Our depth of experience has led us to represent employers in a range of industries from manufacturing to construction to health care. We regularly counsel employers on workplace health and safety matters. This familiarity with our clients' businesses helps us to anticipate potential OSHA issues before they occur, proactively work to prevent them and help our clients maintain compliance. In addition, we develop self-audit and inspection policies and prepare self-audit reports and safety committee documents.

OSHA inspections are a regular part of many businesses' operations, and we frequently represent clients in citation and post-citation proceedings, contest citations issued by OSHA and litigate matters that are pursued before courts and administrative agencies. In the event that litigation does occur, we are experienced in representing management in employment-related litigation. We have defended clients before OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and state and federal courts.

In the event of an incident, we respond quickly and appropriately to issues, participate in on-site investigations, and assess situations where fatalities and serious injuries have occurred. Our attorneys understand the gravity of such circumstances, treat every case with the level of seriousness that it deserves and strive to professionally and efficiently manage our clients' affairs. Our clients value the way our counsel helps them navigate obstacles and equips them to make decisions on such matters.

Leveraging our litigation experience, we know what we need to prove to win a case, and our attorneys know how to develop that evidence with precision and efficiency. As a result, we can predict and budget our fees with greater certainty.

Reinhart's OSHA Compliance and Litigation attorneys are also skilled at finding quick and creative solutions with Department of Labor counsel that wish to avoid long, protracted court battles. This approach often allows us to settle cases without the need for protracted litigation allowing our clients to focus on what they do best – building their business.

Additionally, our OSHA Compliance and Litigation group maintains key relationships with regulators, legislators, environmental experts and technical consultants in the industry. We value the collaborative nature of these business relationships and have earned a reputation of being knowledgeable and easy to work with.

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