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Reinhart's Intellectual Property attorneys are adept at providing strategic counsel on both types of the new patent reexamination procedures provided under the America Invents Act (AIA) – inter partes review and post-grant review. We have particularly deep experience bringing and defending reexaminations and tactically using reexaminations to optimize Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation and licensing results in electrical, mechanical, chemical and biomedical technologies.

We understand how the use of both the old and new patent reexamination proceedings can be very useful tactics when considered in conjunction with licensing and litigation strategies. As a result, we regularly counsel clients on the differences in timing, costs, downside effects and probability of success between the various types of reexaminations. Leveraging our depth of knowledge with these matters, we are skilled at advising requestors on preparing and prosecuting a reexamination. We also advise patentees on the importance of having knowledgeable counsel in defending a reexamination regardless of the likelihood of success.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys go beyond simply offering advice on reexamination matters. We maintain an informed perspective by working closely with our clients to understand their business goals, and develop strategic plans based upon the existing patent landscape and new product development to meet those goals. As a law firm that understands business first, we appreciate how critically important it is for a company to know the scope and effect of patent assets as a means to make sound business decisions.

Reinhart attorneys are also skilled at collaborating with outside experts to complement our own counsel. When our attorneys evaluate the patents of competitors and other third-parties, we often work with engineering teams, in-house counsel and management to develop a sound understanding of the patent portfolio. As a result of this thorough understanding of the business risks posed by competitive patent positions, Reinhart attorneys are able to offer more insightful counsel, and our clients are equipped to make more sound business decisions.

We maintain close, collaborative relationships with our clients to ensure that accurate, useful and timely information is provided to management in the company. Reinhart attorneys are particularly adept at distilling complexity and providing clear, actionable information about a client's patent assets and what products are covered by these patents, allowing our clients' leadership teams to better maximize patent value and portfolio leveragability. We understand that timing constraints are critical in all reexamination matters, and we work efficiently to overcome challenges with request formats and inflexible due dates in these situations.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys are experienced in appeals to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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