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Reinhart's Environmental Litigation attorneys negotiate with governmental authorities to secure innovative solutions to our clients’ environmental problems, and defend clients against both civil lawsuits and criminal charges alleging environmental violations. Our counsel is based on a deep technical understanding of environmental issues, and we regularly advise clients responding to a Superfund or U.S. EPA request for information; an order for investigation, removal or remediation; a notice of violation; or an enforcement proceeding alleging violation of air, water, solid or hazardous waste, community right-to-know and other environment law requirements.

In state and federal cleanup proceedings, we represent both de minimis contributors and major members of groups of potentially responsible parties (PRPs) with substantial liability exposures. We have also led the successful efforts of a joint defense group in a significant CERCLA lawsuit that achieved our clients’ objectives cost-effectively and efficiently through an alternate dispute resolution (mediation) process. We have extensive experience in both administrative and court proceedings at the state and federal levels including Federal Citizen Suit litigation.

Reinhart's Environmental Litigation attorneys also represent insurance policyholders pursuing coverage from their insurers in connection with potential environmental liability exposures. Additionally, we have experience helping clients find old insurance policies an option that some clients may not be aware of. This is helpful in situations where parties are alleged to be held liable today for pollution created several years ago.

Before the mid-1980s, insurance policies commonly covered any unintended pollution that occurred during the policy period, even if the damage wasn't discovered until decades later. Many old insurance policies can protect current property owners, however, even if the owner has lost or forgotten about the policy. Reinhart attorneys often help uncover old or lost policies, and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental and asbestos coverage for clients who did not realize they had it.

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