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Reinhart's Crisis Management and Workplace Disasters team understands the serious implications that a disruption or stoppage of business due to crisis can have on an organization. Lost revenue, customer satisfaction and public perception are only part of the equation. Our skilled, multidisciplinary group quickly provides solutions for operating under difficult circumstances when a crisis occurs. We have helped clients continue operating after fires, natural disasters and even surprise inspections.

Our crisis management attorneys come from several practice areas within the firm, including OSHA, Litigation and Corporate Law. Their combined expertise and experience allows them to provide comprehensive analysis of a business' current security measures, to implement appropriate safeguards and to respond safely and quickly should dangers occur. We work to foster collaboration among public and private entities, community partners and stakeholders to ensure safety resources are efficiently utilized.

Companies today utilize information technology, such as networks and telephone and Internet service, in a mission-critical manner. Interruption or threats to technology can inflict harmful results on a company's productivity. In addition, physical threats such as local, regional or terrorist-related disasters can also severely threaten a company's bottom line.

We work with clients to identify potential risks for disaster and measures they can take to mitigate these risks. Together with clients' management and key stakeholders, we develop business continuation plans. We collaborate on behalf of clients with municipal, state and federal officials to identify existing resources for disaster response and streamline security efforts. Finally, we counsel clients on insurance coverage.

Smaller or less diversified companies generally do not have the capability to provide their own technology backup and require a "hotsite," or remote location to run their operations, in the event of a disaster rendering the main facility unusable. Using experience and judgment to consider location, confidentiality issues, equipping and accessing the hotsite and the diversity of the hotsite provider's client base, Reinhart attorneys can identify a proper hotsite provider for a client and will prepare the agreement between the two parties.

Automation of health care information management has increased concerns about the security of such data in the health care industry. The government's response to this concern was the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy regulations and security rule. The Security Rule, published by the Department of Health and Human Services, focuses on internal and external security threats and vulnerabilities, such as breakthrough of network firewalls, email viruses and compromise of passwords, to name a few. Reinhart has extensively counseled clients in matters of HIPAA compliance, and is an authority on the HIPAA Security Rule. Reinhart will coach clients on the Security Rule and implement safeguards that meet and exceed HIPAA standards.

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