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Reinhart's Corporate Benefits team works with employers to develop a variety of fringe benefit plans, compensation plans and retirement plans for employees and executives. We are well-versed on the legal nuances that apply to these matters, and as a result efficiently help deliver benefit packages that are cost-effective and compliant for an organization.

Whether a client has a single location or is a multi-state company, Reinhart's Employee Benefits attorneys work with a range of organizations to avoid disruptions and prevent barriers, helping them maintain their competitive advantage. We accomplish this by equipping our clients with the information they need to make the best decisions for their company and constituents in order to offer attractive, yet manageable employee benefit plans.

When significant developments occur in the employee benefits sector that affect our clients' business, Reinhart attorneys quickly respond. We are able to assess the impact of a major change – the Affordable Care Act, for example – and translate its complexity into actionable and compliant counsel.

We regularly provide counsel on fringe benefits, deferred compensation plans, employee stock ownership plans, HIPAA compliance, cash balance plans, retirement plans and fiduciary responsibility. We also have experience with newer, trending benefits such as wellness programs and wellness products.

Reinhart's Employee Benefits attorneys focusing on Corporate Benefits provide counsel on the complete range of matters affecting our corporate clients, from planning to risk prevention and compliance. Our depth of experience allows us to provide efficient legal advice that is customized to each client's preferred level of engagement.

Our attorneys understand that offering a quality employee benefits package significantly boosts a client's competitive advantage while aiding in recruitment and retention. As a result, we make it a point to always stay current on the industry's trends and provide the most up to date, informed advice.

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