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Krista Misslich is a paralegal in Reinhart’s Intellectual Property Practice, providing dedicated support on a broad spectrum of IP-related matters, from preparing patent and trademark filings to monitoring docketing databases and communicating with domestic and foreign clients.

Her comprehensive knowledge and inquisitive nature mean she is well-equipped to serve clients' unique needs, constantly seeking more efficient ways to achieve their goals. Attorneys appreciate how Krista’s enterprising approach adds value for each client she serves.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog.


  • LTC4 Certified


  • Patent and trademark filings with the USPTO, TEAS, WIPO and foreign countries
  • Maintenance of electronic records and deadlines
  • Client and foreign associate communications
  • Computer Packages Inc. (CPI) docketing
  • U.S. patent and trademark docketing
  • Foreign patent and trademark docketing