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Erica Johnson is a paralegal in Reinhart’s Tax Practice, where she assists with property tax disputes involving big-box retailers and other commercial clients in addition to offering litigation support in trial proceedings. With over a decade of experience, including Board of Review hearings and all phases of litigation for the Wisconsin Circuit Court and the Tax Appeals Commission, she is exceptionally well-versed in property tax matters.

Her well-established perspective and ability to anticipate challenges early on enable attorneys to respond more quickly to the individual needs of business owners and their properties while ensuring that every step is cost-effective. Erica is also dedicated to ensuring attorneys and their clients remain up to date on the status of projects with precise and reliable information.

Outside of work, she enjoys watching football with her family.


  • Assists with drafting initial pleadings, petitions for review and objections to property tax assessments
  • Manages property tax database
  • Provides litigation support in trial proceedings