Wisconsin DHS Answers Questions from Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Facilities

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The Wisconsin Department of Human Services (DHS) on Thursday, March 19, 2020, hosted a 90-minute webinar during which they answered questions from long-term care, assisted living and nursing home facility leaders.

Reinhart shareholder Bob Lightfoot outlines answers to questions fielded by state DHS representatives:

  • Symptomatic workers are to use a face mask as soon as their symptoms become apparent and leave the facility while asymptomatic staff can expose others, they are cleared for duty. Should they become exposed to a colleague, patient or resident with symptoms, the worker should immediately don a mask.
  • DHS reiterated that all non-essential personnel are suspended from entering any facility. Hospice services are welcome as long as caregivers are actively working a plan.
  • Residents with symptoms are to be confined to their rooms. Others can move about the facility while observing the six-feet rule and other social distancing practices.
  • Whether or not adult daycare facilities are subject to the same coronavirus rules remains unclear.
  • Ideally, facility staff should not care for sick and well patients at the same time. Instead, duties should be divided as much as possible.

If you have any questions about policies and procedures related to COVID-19, please call your Reinhart attorney.


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