The Business of Cannabis in Illinois

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Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren presented The Business of Cannabis in Illinois

Recreational use of cannabis is now legal in Illinois, and the laws around its use in relation to licensing, banking, employee handbook guidelines and intellectual property protection can be complex. While medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for some time, the legalization of recreational marijuana could mean a host of avoidable legal issues for employers, employees, customers, visitors and others. Reinhart attorneys addressed a variety of topics:

  • Current federal and Illinois legal landscapes
  • Illinois licensing requirements and process
  • Emerging issues
  • Patenting cannabis-related inventions
  • Trademarking cannabis-related products
  • Employer obligations and options under the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
  • Medical cannabis in the workplace
  • Federal contractor or grant recipient requirements under the Drug-Free Workplace Act
  • Federal guidance and proposed banking regulations
  • Illinois' approach to banking and finance issues
  • Banking a CBD business or marijuana-related business



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