Reinhart Attorney Meets Female Delegation from Georgia

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Reinhart Attorney Jeunesse Rutledge in June met with five female judges from the country of Georgia to learn about the American system of judicial elections, how women in law support each other, and how to retain women in law so they can be elevated to the bench.

Rutledge detailed the visit in an article for the Wisconsin Law Journal, "Delegation from Georgia Comes to Wisconsin to Learn About US Judiciary." Rutledge and Trish Prenness from Michael Best & Friedrich met with the judges who represented nearly every level of the Georgian judiciary, including the country's supreme court.

"Our visitors were particularly interested both in the U.S. electoral process ... how different groups and organizations can work with women to retain female lawyers and elevate them to the bench," Rutledge wrote.

The visit was made possible through the International Visitor Leadership Program, a program of the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of International Visitors, and the Association of Women Lawyers, a group of which both Rutledge and Prenness are a part.

Jeunesse Rutledge is an attorney in Reinhart’s Litigation Practice. Her work primarily focuses on advertising, marketing and labeling advising and dispute resolution.