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Spring has finally sprung, and that means one thing for the NCAA and college basketball fans: March Madness®. However, did you know the amount of litigious work the NCAA has done to maintain their trademarks related to this popular tournament? For the sixth episode of Ladies, Lipstick & Litigation, associates Jeunesse Rutledge and Heidi Thole discuss a slew of cases and trademark disputes involving the largest college athletics association, including:

  • The licensing dispute to the term March Madness® that led to the creation of the March Madness Athletic Association
  • A 2005 trademark infringement lawsuit over the web domain ""
  • The attempted trademark registration of the term "40-0"
  • An ongoing dispute between the NCAA and a group of Virginia urologists over the phrase "Vasectomy Mayhem"
  • The anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA currently under review by the Supreme Court of the United States

If you have trademark questions involving your products or services, please contact Heidi Thole or your Reinhart attorney.