Labor & Employment Minute: Vaccinations in the Workplace

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Welcome to the first edition of the Reinhart Labor & Employment Minute hosted by Shareholder Rob Driscoll. In this edition, Rob speaks with fellow Shareholder Brittany Lopez Naleid about whether employers should mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, what to consider with a potential mandatory workplace vaccination and the legal implications that could arise from such a program. As Brittany explains, employers do have the option to mandate a vaccine program, but it becomes a much more complex situation when considering if they actually should.

Brittany advises employers to think about their industry when contemplating a mandatory program. For example, high-risk places of employment like health care and senior living facilities may want to consider implementing mandatory vaccinations. The pair also discuss what employers should do in order to make sure a mandated program runs smoothly, ways to keep employees informed about the vaccine and the legal exemptions that employers should be aware of when it comes to mandating a vaccine program.


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