Hospice Success: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

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Reinhart hosted a complimentary webinar, Hospice Success: Seeing the Forest and the Trees, moderated by Tracey L. Klein, shareholder and chair of Reinhart's Health Care Practice and Heather L. Fields, shareholder in Reinhart's Health Care Practice and chair of the firm’s Hospitals and Health Care Systems group. Hospice and Palliative Care attorney Karla Hutton Pinkerton provided a high level roadmap for hospital and health system leaders of the overarching issues and risk areas affecting the hospice industry, along with a discussion of how to proactively address your hospice organization(s) as part of your larger business strategy.

Access the Presentation Resource Materials, Handout and Recording at These Links:

  1. Medicare Coverage Requirements
  2. 10 Questions Every Hospice Employee Should Be Able to Answer
  3. Checklist for Hospice Audit Interviews
  4. Identified Risk Areas for Hospice
  5. Presentation Handout
  6. Presentation Recording

Attendees included:

  •  Hospital Systems CEOs and CFOs
  •  Compliance Officers
  •  General Counsel

Learning Objectives:

  •  The pressures and financial challenges faced by the hospice industry that are both the same and different than other areas of health care
  •  Identify the challenges and risks in hospice in order to prioritize operational and staff resources
  •  Evaluation and discussion of how these challenges fit into business and strategies for success


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