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Service Standards

  • Understand your business

    We know our success depends on achieving cost-effective, practical results for our clients. Accordingly, we will make every effort to understand the business or personal circumstances that gave rise to the legal matters you bring us and to represent you and your interests as aggressively as we would our own. Protecting and advancing your best interests as a client is our most important service.

  • Understand your needs

    At all times, we will seek to fully understand what your needs are, what you expect from us and when you expect it. If we feel that another service provider is in a better position to meet your needs or expectations, we will tell you and help you find the best resource for your needs.

  • Respond promptly to your communications

    We will respond to your phone calls and e-mails as quickly as possible and no later than one business day after you contact us. However, every client has a different definition of “responsiveness.” Our lawyers and staff will go out of their way to understand how you define the term, and will then make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Be accessible when needed

    Our lawyers and staff check their voice mail and email regularly, whether or not they are in the office. In addition, each lawyer’s secretary or assistant will know the whereabouts and schedule of that lawyer on any given day. When the attorney you are trying to reach is traveling, working outside the office or otherwise unavailable, the attorney’s secretary, assistant or another lawyer familiar with you and your needs will make every effort to assist you until such time as the lawyer can personally get back to you.

  • Set and meet deadlines toward the completion of your work

    We will seek to understand your timetable for getting projects done, set specific deadlines for getting work back to you and then meet or beat those deadlines. If we ever feel that your timetable will compromise our ability to provide you with a quality work product, we will tell you and work with you to find a way to meet your needs.

  • Avoid surprises

    Different clients have different information needs. At the outset of a matter, we will ask you the extent to which and how often you want to be kept informed. Thereafter, according to your wishes, we will keep you informed of your work-in-progress, send you copies of all relevant paperwork and notify you promptly of meaningful developments.

  • Respect your finances

    We will strive to be efficient and cost-effective in our delivery of services by:

    • Promptly sending you our bills
    • Ensuring our bills are clear and easy to understand
    • Notifying you promptly when we encounter or anticipate unexpected costs
    • Resolving any billing questions or issues promptly and fairly
  • Staff your matters cost-effectively

    Our objective in representing you is not to bill hours; rather, it is to help you resolve your legal-related business and personal matters as quickly, as successfully and as cost-effectively as possible. This may involve having different partners, associates, paralegals or staff within the firm work on your matters. We will, if you wish, discuss with you how we plan to staff your matter and why.

  • Welcome your ideas, your resources and your feedback

    Since our success depends on your success, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We also welcome any resources you can provide to help us resolve your legal matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, including in-house legal resources and any prior work product that will help us avoid a duplication of effort on your behalf. Most importantly, we want your feedback – positive or negative – because it is the only way that we can improve. We want you always to feel free to communicate your ideas, suggestions or dissatisfaction either to your primary attorney, to the firm’s managing partner or to the senior partner in the firm who we have designated as our “Client Satisfaction Advocate.”

  • Resolve your concerns

    At Reinhart, we believe in the value of the legal work and the client service that we provide our clients. As a client of our firm – and the only person whose evaluation of our work matters to us – these Client Service Standards reflect our commitment to you to put your needs first.

Your Satisfaction

If, at any time, you do not feel that the charges on a bill reflect the value you received, we invite you to contact your primary attorney or our Client Executive Officer, Albert S. Orr, at 414.298.8209. In any event, we will promptly resolve any concerns to your satisfaction.

 Your complete satisfaction and respect are the ultimate goals of our relationship.