Our success is measured by the success of our clients – and by the lasting partnerships we build together. Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

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UW-Milwaukee Real Estate Foundation

"We rely heavily on Reinhart attorneys to assist us in our initiatives, many of which are quite complex." — David H. Gilbert, President, UW-Milwaukee Real Estate Foundation


Mercy Health Corporation

"Reinhart attorneys are especially skilled because they understand the role of enterprise, the role of health care and the complimentary role of the practice of law in achieving organizational and business objectives. It’s very helpful and very necessary to work with a multi-disciplinary team." — Paul Van Den Heuvel, Vice President and General Counsel, Mercy Health Corporation


Large academic medical center

"I've used a lot of law firms over the years, and I feel very strongly about Reinhart. There's a trust factor. When they come to the table, they are going to be as strategic and as thoughtful as we need them to be. Their willingness to be collaborative partners is truly outstanding." — Jill Rappis, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of a large academic medical center


KishHealth System

"Reinhart attorneys not only understand our board dynamics, ... they help us develop unique solutions that are a good fit for our institution." — Kevin Poorten, President and CEO, KishHealth System


AFW Foundry Inc.

"Reinhart's professionalism and leadership gave us the confidence needed to make difficult decisions." — Adam Gerstmeier, Former Executive, AFW Foundry Inc.