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For over half a century, Reinhart’s Employee Benefits group has steadily built one of the largest Taft-Hartley Practices in the country dedicated to serving multiemployer plans. Our commitment to represent Taft-Hartley plans is a cornerstone of our Employee Benefits Practice, and today we serve more than 100 Taft-Hartley funds throughout the country.

Reinhart’s Taft-Hartley clients range in size from fewer than 500 participants to more than 80,000 participants, with assets from several million dollars to assets in excess of $5 billion. We are dedicated to serving Taft-Hartley plans in a wide range of industries, including retail, graphic arts and virtually all of the construction trades.

Although Taft-Hartley is a very specialized area of law, Reinhart’s uncommonly deep bench of Employee Benefits attorneys focusing on Taft-Hartley plans average more than 20 years of experience providing services to multiemployer plan clients. We leverage that institutional knowledge to efficiently provide different levels of engagement depending on our client’s unique matter. Our attorneys understand the full range of issues that affect our Taft-Hartley plan clients, and at every step along the way, we constantly search for the most creative legal solutions.

Reinhart’s national Taft-Hartley Practice footprint – combined with our depth of employee benefits law experience and our wide variety of clients – make us uniquely suited to represent multiemployer plans. We continually monitor the industry, and regularly work with consultants, clients and firms around the country to stay ahead of all developments affecting the Taft-Hartley industry.

Additionally, our long-standing, collaborative relationship with the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans allows us to provide our clients with exceptional opportunities for communicating with other similarly situated entities, as well as offering educational opportunities and access to federal and state governmental agencies.

Reinhart’s Taft-Hartley attorneys regularly collaborate with other practices – including Business Reorganization, Corporate Law, Real Estate and Litigation – which assist our Taft-Hartley attorneys in providing legal services to our multiemployer plan clients.



Beth A. Bulmer

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Bennett E. Choice

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Jessica P. Culotti

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Bryant E. Ferguson

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Jeffrey R. Fuller

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Thomas E. Funk

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Rebecca E. Greene

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Stacie M. Kalmer

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Susan U. Ladwig

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John E. Mossberg

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Justin P. Musil

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Philip R. O'Brien

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Gail M. Olsen

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Lucas J. Pagels

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Gregory A. Storm

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Benjamin D. Suesskind

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William H. Tobin

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Additional Professionals


Ellen L. Heib

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Donna L. Paulsen

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Colleen McGuire Schmitz

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Kerri J. Voelz

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Cheryl A. Yerkes

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Reinhart associate Jessica Culotti discusses her work in the firm’s Employee Benefits Practice with the Wisconsin Law Journal.

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