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State and Local Tax Planning, Controversy and Litigation

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Reinhart’s Tax attorneys regularly leverage our breadth of knowledge to help clients reduce their overall effective state tax rate and navigate the complex network of state regulations. Our State and Local Tax Planning, Controversy and Litigation group provides counsel on issues regarding income, sales and use tax, property tax, excise tax and other taxes imposed by state or local governments. We identify and maximize benefits from variations in state tax systems including:

  • State tax credit incentives
  • Sales tax transaction planning
  • Nexus review and planning
  • Pass-through entity planning
  • Nonfiler negotiation
  • Unclaimed property
  • Special purpose entities, such as intangible companies
  • Property tax valuation and exemption planning
  • Income allocation/apportionment planning
  • Specialty tax planning (utilities, telecommunications, airlines, etc.)

Property Tax

Reinhart Tax attorneys represent all types of property owners, ranging from small-town businesses and nonprofit entities to Fortune 500 companies. We offer a complete set of services to businesses and nonprofit organizations addressing all aspects of property taxes and real estate transfer fees.

Reinhart’s Tax team has significant experience in the following areas of state and local property tax law:

  • Challenging property tax assessments, including special assessments
  • Drafting and, if necessary, prosecuting property tax exemption requests
  • Challenging the denial of property tax exemptions
  • Challenging real estate transfer fee assessments
  • Assisting in all aspects of manufacturing property tax assessment, from property tax planning to litigating assessments, classifications and exemptions
  • Assisting in the management of property tax and real estate transfer fee liabilities in business transactions and real estate developments
  •  Representing all owners of specialty properties, such as telecommunication and utility property, airline properties, golf courses and specialty manufacturing facilities

Members of the team have litigated in the full range of forums, from small-town Boards of Review to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and have also represented property owners in jurisdictions outside Wisconsin.


Reinhart achieves a favorable ruling in Village of Kohler property taxation case. Second District Court of Appeals upholds original decision on Village overassessments.

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