Labor Relations

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Reinhart’s Labor and Employment attorneys are experienced in all aspects of labor-management relations, including:

Collective Bargaining

Our attorneys assist clients during all stages of the collective bargaining process. We counsel clients on determining negotiation objectives and strategies, serve as chief negotiators, prepare bargaining proposals and analyze union proposals. We do so with an eye toward achieving the flexibility necessary for clients to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Labor Arbitrations

We represent clients during the grievance and arbitration process. Our experience extends to both grievance and interest arbitration. We also counsel employers on the important process of arbitrator selection.


We protect the interests of our clients by helping them prepare for and respond to strikes, picketing, slowdowns and other tactics utilized by labor unions.

Unfair Labor Practice Charge Litigation

Our attorneys counsel clients on the avoidance of unfair labor practice charges under the National Labor Relations Act and similar state statutes. We also represent employers in claims brought against them before the National Labor Relations Board or similar state agencies.