Equine Law

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Reinhart is one of a select few law firms in Wisconsin to maintain a dedicated team of attorneys focused on equine law. We understand the complex range of legal issues that involve horses, their people, their service providers and the land and structures that house them.

We not only know the law, but we understand the horse world as well. Our attorneys’ personal experiences with multiple equestrian disciplines and their unmistakable passion for horses set us apart. We speak the language, so our clients don’t need to waste time getting us up to speed on the “basics” of horses and the horse world. Horses are just as important to our attorneys as they are to you.

Some of the more common matters in which we have experience include: contracts for lease, sale, or breeding; liability waivers; disputes regarding damage caused by or to horses; stableman’s lien issues; horse boarding disputes; and land use and agriculture issues impacting horses. In all matters, we pride ourselves on our efficient work and our clients appreciate our practical, actionable advice. Our attorneys are particularly well-equipped to handle equine law matters in Wisconsin and Illinois.

We regularly provide counsel to individual horse owners, stable owners, equine industry service providers, and manufacturers of equine products, such as dietary supplements and equipment.

Reinhart attorneys that focus on equine law represent a diverse cross section of the firm’s practices, including Tax, Trusts and Estates, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Bankruptcy, Litigation and Corporate Law. As a result, we offer a wide range of legal experience and a deep knowledge of the complex issues that can arise.

We have experience in the following types of matters related to equine law:

  • Tax
    • Hobby loss issues
  • Trust and Estates
    • Pet trusts
  • Real Estate
    • Zoning
    • Land use, particularly conditional use permits
  • Labor and Employment
    • Employment of boarding stable staff and others in the equine industry
  • Corporate Law
    • Formation of horse-related entities
    • Lease/sale contracts
    • Breeding contracts
    • Boarding contracts
    • Service contracts
    • Liability waivers
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency
    • Stableman’s liens
    • Non-payment in horse boarding operations
  • Litigation
    • Insurance issues, including mortality, major medical and insurance fraud
    • Liability and negligence litigation
    • Construction disputes
    • Contract litigation (sales, boarding agreements, etc.)
    • General litigation related to all manner of issues centered around horses