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Reinhart’s Emerging Businesses team provides strategic guidance and refined legal counsel in the formation and capitalization of early-stage companies. From helping entrepreneurs start new businesses to structuring sophisticated venture capital and international entities, we bring a great depth of knowledge and experience to a broad range of clients.

Reinhart attorneys work closely with clients to choose and organize business entities to best achieve the client’s goals. Maximizing value requires an understanding of the big picture, foresight and an understanding of the owner’s business and vision. Choosing the best form of business entity requires not only technical know-how, but practical knowledge and design skills to create a structure that meets each owner’s specific goals. These considerations are often the key to avoiding costly conflict amongst owners, minimizing disruption in the business and achieving long-term growth and success.

We use our informed perspective to match legal counsel and strategy to our client’s goals. As a result, we help create businesses with a legal structure flexible enough to allow growth and to respond to future opportunities. Reinhart’s Emerging Business attorneys understand that decisions made in the early formation stages of an organization have large implications throughout the entire lifecycle of the company; we maintain that perspective when advising clients. Additionally, the optimal form of business entity can achieve significant tax efficiencies and position the enterprise for future growth and ownership succession.

Reinhart’s Emerging Businesses attorneys provide strategic advice and customized legal solutions in creating the following types of organizations:

  • Tax-advantageous entities
  • Efficient governance structures
  • Personal asset protection
  • Key employee incentive structures
  • Owner entrance and exit strategies

We regularly counsel clients on creating the following types of business entities:

  • Limited liability companies
  • S corporations
  • C corporations
  • Limited partnerships
  • Nonprofit/tax-exempt organizations
  • Foreign entities
  • IC DISCs
  • Cooperatives
  • Insurance companies



Lucien A. Beaudry

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Anthony J. Handzlik

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Megan K. Jackson

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Timothy J. Kamke

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Carl R. Kugler

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Travis R. Mueller

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Nathan J. Wautier

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Kathryn K. Westfall

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