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Reinhart’s Data Privacy and Security group understands the legal implications inherent in managing and protecting data in today’s modern business environment, and advises clients along the entire continuum of data management.

Our Data Privacy and Security attorneys advise on policies and procedures for the creation, transmission, securing and discarding of protected or regulated information in virtually every industry. We work to proactively protect our clients by drafting contracts that mitigate risk in the event of an incident, and advise on privacy laws that must be followed when storing and securing data. In the event of a data breach, we work to quickly protect our clients’ business interests while minimizing damages, effectively leveraging the attorney-client privilege. We assist in investigations and have experience working with outside vendors such as forensic analysts.

Reinhart’s Data Privacy and Security group stays apprised of the myriad state and federal laws and regulations that govern data privacy and security in every industry. We work with a wide range of businesses, including health care providers, financial institutions and technology start-ups. We understand the complex and dynamic nature of evolving data and privacy standards.

Our client contacts include a wide range of representatives from different organizations, including general counsel, chief privacy officers, chief information officers, directors of information security and regulatory or compliance officers. Our clients appreciate our ability to distill complex technology concepts for them and offer succinct, actionable counsel that helps them protect their business.

Reinhart’s Data Privacy and Security group is comprised of a number of specialized attorneys from multiple practice areas in the firm, including Litigation, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Health Care, Banking and Finance and Labor and Employment. We constituted this diverse group to efficiently address all aspects of a client’s business that may be affected by data privacy and security issues. In addition, the attorneys in our group represent multiple age ranges and experience levels. As a result, we are able to offer our clients a uniquely informed, holistic perspective concerning data issues.

Additionally, our Data Privacy and Security team includes attorneys who have insight on both sides of the law. We have public- and private-sector experience in cybersecurity issues, including data security, information privacy, incident response (including forensics) and ethical hacking.


Justin P. Webb, an attorney in Reinhart’s Litigation Practice discusses the Internet of Things during a Milwaukee Business Journal Panel.

Justin Webb’s background in information security allows him to draw upon his experiences to better serve his clients.

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