Reinhart's manufacturing attorneys are passionate about serving the manufacturing industry, which is fueled by our geographic proximity to leading industrial companies.

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Since the firm’s inception, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren has represented some of the world’s leading consumer goods and industrial manufacturing companies. Our passion and dedication to serve the industry has been fueled by our geographic proximity to leading industrial companies, as well as the Midwestern values and work ethic that made our region a manufacturing epicenter. Milwaukee, the city in which we were founded, has a rich history of manufacturing excellence and has been the home of countless manufacturing industry leaders over the last 150 years, driving our desire to provide informed, trusted counsel to this sector.

Today, our practice has grown with our clients, evolving to serve companies worldwide. Yet we always keep those core values in perspective, even when advising a client halfway around the globe. That view has informed our knowledge of what it takes to be successful in this domain, as we have carefully studied and practiced law in the industry for decades. In today’s business environment, for example, we are exceptionally well-versed in the critical roles that mergers and acquisitions and private equity play in the manufacturing industry. Whatever the issues at hand, Reinhart attorneys are equipped to help solve our clients’ most pressing manufacturing law challenges.

With a deep bench of talent and a multi-faceted team – many of whom came to the firm with successful backgrounds in the consumer products and manufacturing sectors – we are uniquely prepared to help long-standing manufacturing companies extend their success into the 21st Century economy. Though globalization, a next-generation workforce and advanced technology have altered the face of the industry, we understand that traditional manufacturing still constitutes a large portion of the space. At the same time, that dynamic evolution has made conducting business more competitive and fast-paced than ever before.

At Reinhart, we see this transformation as a moment to provide creative counsel and give our clients a truly competitive advantage. We serve as strategic business advisers who understand the business equation, and we regularly work with both consumer and industrial manufacturers to capitalize on opportunities and navigate obstacles. With our proven track record of helping manufacturers win in today’s business environment, Reinhart is the right partner for today’s modern manufacturing company.

With deep experience in every area of law critical to manufacturing enterprises, we holistically advise clients along the entire continuum of manufacturing industry challenges. Along the way, we help clients carefully minimize risk while gaining from opportunities.

Reinhart’s manufacturing-focused attorneys regularly counsel on the following matters:

  • Business Reorganization » We are well-equipped to help clients go through a reorganization process and emerge in a better position to move their company forward
  • Corporate Law » We provide strategic counsel on complex financial transactions that help companies expand their capabilities, launch new products and grow their facilities
  • Intellectual Property » In today’s advanced manufacturing, a strong intellectual property portfolio is critical, and we handle clients’ portfolio management, litigation, protection and enforcement
  • International » With global manufacturing more prevalent than ever, we help American companies effectively navigate overseas business
  • Labor and Employment » With today’s next-generation workforce, there are many dynamic and complex labor issues to manage, including OSHA violations and wage and hour
  • Litigation » We litigate in areas such as product liability, intellectual property, employment law, construction, contracts and other matters
  • Mergers and Acquisitions » Reinhart attorneys are leading advisers, and regularly work with companies on cross-border deals of all sizes and structures
  • Real Estate » We represent manufacturing clients in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisition, development, financing and management, leasing and zoning
  • Tax » We advise clients on a variety of domestic and international tax matters, keeping them in the most advantageous position possible while addressing challenges
  • Trusts and Estates » A family-owned business brings its own set of challenges, and we counsel on corporate governance, trust services and succession planning


U.S. News – Best Lawyers® highly ranks Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. (Reinhart) in numerous practice areas within Wisconsin and nationally in the recently released 2017 “Best Law Firms” listings.


Timothy P. Naill, a registered patent attorney in Reinhart’s IP Practice, has earned his Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Intellectual Property Law from The John Marshall Law School.

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