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Reinhart sponsored one of Revitalize Milwaukee's Block Build MKE homes; their work included door replacements, floor and porch repairs, safety improvements and landscaping. Continue

Reinhart's Director of Information Services Carol Bannen recently won the Law Librarian's Association of Wisconsin's Distinguished Service Award for her chapter and professional leadership, speaking engagements, and article publications. Continue

Reinhart shareholder Carl Kugler was recently appointed to the Oregon Community Bank Board of Directors Continue

Beth Bahr discusses how to build a strong recruiting team. Continue

Reinhart attorney Justin Oeth appointed to Madison Area Sports Commission Board of Directors Continue


Let Thy Consumer Review: Gag Clauses Outlawed in Form Contracts

To preserve their image, some companies began putting "gag" clauses in their standardized sales terms that prohibited consumers from posting any negative reviews. When consumers described their bad experiences with products or services, often in online reviews, companies contacted them to remind them of the clauses, but Congress responded with an act gaging the gag clauses.

| Laura A. Brenner, Troy A. Hilliard, Jeffrey D. Roeske

Benefits Counselor May 2017

A comprehensive summary of upcoming compliance deadlines and reminders, retirement plan developments and health and welfare plan developments.

You Have Less Than a Year—Will You Be Ready?

On May 11, 2016, FinCEN published anti-money laundering rules for entities. These rules will go into effect May 11, 2018. Unlike so many other rules, these are relatively simple, but promise to create a substantial operational burden for financial institutions. There will be no "easy fix" programming solution for this one.

| John T. Reichert, Melissa M. York