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The Reinhart Summer Associate Program is our primary means of recruiting new associates and, consequently, long-term shareholders. The program is designed to expose law students to our firm’s practice, attorneys and staff, as well as our communities. We fill between eight and 10 positions each summer, primarily in our Milwaukee office.

Reinhart interviews for these positions through on-campus visits followed by call-back interviews. We also welcome write-in candidates from schools we may not normally visit during our recruiting season. We recruit candidates from early August through November for the following summer.

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Work Life
We recruit summer associates based on the assumption that each associate should be successful and asked to join the firm for the long-term. We don’t overhire, and our track record for extending offers to our summer associates is nearly 90%.

The summer program chair oversees the summer associates and distributes work assignments in a group setting. This collaborative atmosphere allows summer associates to establish both a rapport and friendships as a group. It fosters an open environment primed for success. Summer associates receive a mix of work assignments from various departments, allowing them to explore interests and determine what type of law they would like to practice. At the same time, we allow our summer associates the flexibility to emphasize a particular practice area.

Senior associate “readers” pair with summer associates to review and evaluate their written work product to help the summer associates refine their legal writing skills. Meanwhile, junior associate “buddies” introduce the summer associates to the firm as a whole and serve in an informal mentoring role. All summer associates receive midsummer reviews to gauge their progress and provide constructive feedback to help them progress quickly. We make permanent hiring decisions as soon as possible at the summer’s end.

Social Life
We balance the summer program’s hands-on work experience with many opportunities for social interaction and fun. We invite summer associates to a rafting trip, Milwaukee Brewers games, departmental outings and other activities. These events facilitate relationships with firm attorneys and staff, and they help ensure a memorable summer.

How To Apply
Please note: our 2017 Summer Associate Program will be conducted in our Milwaukee office only. If you are interested in participating in our 2017 Summer Associate Program and your school is not listed on our On-Campus schedule, please click here to submit an application.

Contact Information
Sandra W. Faull
Manager, Attorney Recruiting
1000 North Water Street, Suite 1700
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: 414.298.8528

On-Campus Schedule
For Fall 2017, we are planning to interview at the following schools and job fairs:
Cook County Minority Student Job Fair
Loyola Patent Law Interview Program
Marquette University Law School
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
University of Chicago Law School
University of Iowa College of Law
University of Michigan Law School
University of Minnesota Law School
University of Notre Dame Law School
University of Wisconsin Law School
Washington University School of Law

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