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Environmental Law

Reinhart's Environmental Law Practice provides comprehensive resolution of environmental problems. We work with large and small manufacturers, developers, lenders and municipalities in these areas:

  • Wisconsin law 
  • PECFA and DERF guidance
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Air-emission permitting and compliance
  • Third-party cost recovery
  • Lobbying/rulemaking
  • Administrative challenges
  • Municipal cost recovery systems
  • Tax incremental financing projects
  • Insurance coverage

Facility and Compliance Auditing

We are frequently called upon by our clients to perform environmental audits of their facilities and operations. We provide a comprehensive range of auditing services that cover environmental management systems (EMS) and adherence to environmental laws such as air, wastewater and hazardous waste regulations and compliance with employee hazard communication regulations. We tailor our audits to meet the needs of our clients. Our audits have ranged from multimedia, multifacility audits to single-purpose audits. Our clients have found regular audits to be a cost-effective investment to achieve and maintain compliance. We also help clients evaluate their needs to meet anticipated or required regulatory changes. In addition, we counsel businesses concerning ISO 14000 EMS certification issues, so as to help companies market their products in the global economy.

Environmental Due Diligence

Our clients also retain us to review environmental site or facility assessments prepared by others for due diligence purposes. We advise whether the environmental assessment was thorough and whether the conclusions are justified by the data collected. This enables our clients to identify and understand the potential environmental legal risks they might encounter in a particular transaction. We also help our clients evaluate whether additional investigation is needed and prepare an appropriate scope of work, if necessary.

Site Investigation and Remediation

We assist clients in designing, implementing and reviewing cost-effective investigation plans, feasibility studies and remediation plans. We also help clients select consultants suited to their needs. This ensures that our clients hire an appropriate consultant where necessary, that they purchase only the consulting services they need and that they pay reasonable costs for those services.

Permits and Reporting

By utilizing the legal and technical expertise of the department members, we help clients obtain environmental permits required for their operations. We analyze their needs and, when necessary, assist in the preparation of the appropriate applications for air, wastewater and wetland permits; negotiate the terms of the permits and seek exemptions and permit modifications when appropriate.

We also assist clients in completing the various periodic environmental reports required by government agencies.


We provide specialized representation in connection with the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate with environmental implications. Frequently, we prepare acquisition agreements and contracts for the purchase and sale of assets, as well as specialized contracts with environmental and engineering consultants, designers and pollution-control equipment suppliers. We also are called upon to prepare specialized loan documents to protect lenders against environmental risks.

Right-to-Know and Compliance

Our Environmental Law Practice provides up-to-date information and assistance on employee right-to-know (OSHA hazard communication) requirements and community right-to-know (SARA Title III) obligations, and we help clients respond to governmental agency inquiries regarding environmental or worker hazard communication matters.


Business leaders are increasingly recognizing the importance of incorporating sustainability into their business practices and relationships. Sustainability issues -- whether they are driven by regulation or consumer demands -- are playing a greater role in the profitability of nearly every business, and in their decision-making processes.

As new compliance requirements and business standards develop, those businesses that implement sustainable practices now will not only help their bottom line but prepare them for the time when these requirements and standards become realized.

Successful business sustainability demands innovation and insight from organizations that have taken leadership roles along the way. Sustainability efforts require new and more efficient ways to create products or services that make sense for both the community and the bottom line. Today, organizations with demonstrable sustainable business practices in addition to offering competitive service and price have the advantage.

With credentials in several scientific and technical fields, in addition to a leading environmental legal practice, Reinhart's attorneys and environmental consultants provide a single source of service to help clients address sustainability issues and resolve environmental problems in ways that make good business sense and still meet the demands and needs of our clients.

We advise clients who are purchasing or forming businesses, growing their businesses and entering into commercial transactions on their best approaches to sustainability. Our clients include large and small manufacturers, developers, lenders and municipalities.

We work closely with clients, in-house lawyers, professional engineers and other external professionals to help them to understand and implement sustainable business practices.

Reinhart brings experience and solutions that help businesses balance environmental and business concerns. Our position as a recognized leader in sustainability and environmental legal issues has allowed us to become active and leading members of the Partnerships for Sustainability, Milwaukee 7 Water Council, and to serve as an Advisor to Wisconsin's Green Tier Program in addition to numerous other organizations. 

We can help you with nearly all aspects of sustainability, including:

  • Addressing environmental issues and helping you to understand how to effectively and efficiently use natural resources in your business
  • Providing advice regarding real estate law, land use and construction law including green development and construction
  • Assisting with clean technology and alternative energy developments and protection of your intellectual property and ideas
  • Guiding you through the incentives and benefits of sustainability projects
  • Drafting of contracts, compliance issues, corporate reporting and supplier standards
  • Development of policies and procedures to implement sustainability programs and reporting of disclosure issues
  • Finding creative ways to enable your business to become an environmental leader in your community while increasing productivity, cutting costs and strengthening your business' culture

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